Lange Strecke

The mining area below the old town of Neubulach was especially fertile. At the beginning of the mining in our town the ore was mined in the open cast mining. As in a string of beads the hollows (“Pingen”) lined up themselves along the ore deposit, the “Segen-Gottes-Gang”. Some houses of the old town with very deep cellars were built over such “Pingen”.

The miners put the rocks and the ores into narrow carts (“Hunt”) and pushed them to the next shaft. There the material was filled in buckets and was pulled up to the daylight.

The mark on the pavement shows the approximate course of the “Lange Strecke”. The “Lange Strecke” is the gallery between the “Neuer Schacht” und the “Himmelfahrtsschacht”. The Gallery was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Whether it is only one gallery or a gallery system with several levels, nobody knows it today.